Alex Leblanc - Artist Photographer

Artist Statement

Mankind has a tendency to document its surroundings. From palimpsests to monuments, family pictures to personal diaries, these “documents” bear witnesses to our own personal journey on Earth and can even contain secrets to our existence. Space-time holds an enormous amount of information that mankind simply cannot appropriate itself.

Since humans are unable to fully control their sensory surroundings, they try to recreate some of the relative aspects. Through photographic documents which are in fact a pale reflection of reality, they will want to rebuild this sensory world, but in vain. They cannot succeed because the very nature of documentation is completely subjective; its first demonstration is the perceiver's intention. It thus becomes a form of art touched by the personal view of the documenter.

Travelling uninhabited places in the midst of a consumer society Leblanc attempts to obtain truthful slices of life with the help of his photographic camera. Following the steps of artists such as Jeff Wall and Evergon, he takes snapshots of everyday life seeking to grab an intangible reality... inexistent.

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