Alex Leblanc - Artist Photographer


Born in Montreal, Alex Leblanc lived his childhood in the Ottawa region of the Petite-Nation. Very early on, his attraction to photography is manifested through the influence of his mother who takes countless pictures of his son. Following her encouragement, young Alex begins handling a 35 mm camera, which propels him into the world of creativity.

During his teenage years, his growing interest is demonstrated by his participation in various school projects. Constant use of his camera turns him into an unconditional fan of photography.

A few years later, he earned a college diploma in photography at La Cité Collégiale in Ottawa. This leads him to accept the position of Director of photography at University of Ottawa's student-run newspaper La Rotonde. Studying Visual Arts at the same institution introduces him to multidisciplinary and multimedia practices.

For five years, Alex Leblanc has been teaching photography and media art at the high-school level. Alongside his teaching, he ceaselessly pursues his artist statement, which mainly focuses on theatricality in photography.

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